Yezelalem Minch

Yezelalem Minch Children and Community Development is an Ethiopian organization reaching out to orphaned and vulnerable children, many of whose parents have died of AIDS, while also providing support and meeting the needs of families who have taken in orphaned children. Beyond basic care, Yezelalem Minch seeks to enrich the lives of the children through educational, spiritual and social opportunities, with family-style homes that house children who cannot be cared for by the community. Emphasizing Christian nurturing, both the community and home-based programs utilize a holistic approach. Yezelalem Minch seeks to provide the following:

* A network of support for community families caring for orphaned and vulnerable children.
* Nurturing of home-based children in a family setting by a Christian house mother.
* Ensure that basic physical needs of all children are met, including nutritional needs, clothing, and medical care.
* Guarantee educational opportunities by providing school fees and uniforms, tutoring and after school programs, and more.

What does it mean?

“Yezelalem Minch” is an Amharic phrase meaning “never-ending spring.” The phrase comes from the Old Testament passage of Isaiah 58:10-11:

If you spend yourselves on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed… The Lord will guide you always; you will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.

The epidemic of AIDS in Africa is leaving millions of children without parents or hope for a future. Currently, there are an estimated five million AIDS orphans in Ethiopia alone. Many of these children experience life utterly alone as their entire family has been wiped out by AIDS.

Dan and Dana Teefey in Ethiopia with Birtukan and Nesibu, the founders of Yezelalem Minch.

Birtukan holding Teshetae Teefey at Family Morning Coffee Guesthouse.

Yezelalem Minch promotional video.