Do you want to purchase a cape or 10? You can either pay online via PayPal or send us a check in the mail. If you would like to send a check, contact us via the contact link and we will give you our address. All checks should be made out to “HIM,” which is the non-profit organization handling our donations to Yezelalem Minch.

* Handmade by the Teefey family with super-soft flannel fabric
* Child-friendly velcro neck closure
* Fabric patterns may vary depending on availability (email us if you want to know the current pattern)
* Short capes generally fit kids under 3 and long capes generally fit kids 3 and over
* All capes are sent via USPS Priority Mail shipping for $5
* You can order multiple capes by clicking on “continue shopping” in the shopping cart
* Don’t forget to pick a size and letter for each cape

Size of Girl Cape
Letter on Girl Cape

Size of Boy Cape
Letter on Boy Cape