About Us

What brilliant company is manufacturing these capes?

Umm. That would be us, the Teefey’s. Dan, Dana, Adelaide (2006), Miriam (2008), and Teshetae (2010). Dana does all of the work and Dan, Adelaide, Miriam, and Teshetae provide moral support and as many glasses of ice water as she wants.

All the capes are handmade, or at least made via hand-controlled devices such as a sewing machine. The fabric is 100% cotton flannel and softer than __________ (please insert the softest thing you can think of here).

Why are you selling awesome superhero capes?

We believe every child deserves the chance to feel like a superhero. Be careful though. When Dan was a kid he had his cape rights revoked by his parents because he jumped off of the side of the couch trying to fly too many times.

Dana made a couple of capes for her nephews and they proved to be a big hit without anyone getting hurt. Over the next several days we decided to make them available on the internet for others to share in the fun.

What do you do with the profits from the capes?

In 2011 we adopted our youngest daughter, Teshetae (her name means “happiness”), from Ethiopia.  From 2010-2011, 100% of sales from capes helped to fund Teshetae’s adoption.  After Teshetae’s adoption was complete we continued to sell capes and 100% of the sales from Capes for a Cause went to Yezelalem Minch, an Ethiopian ministry working to make a difference in the lives of orphans and vulnerable children. (You can learn more about Yezelalem Minch here).  Now (2014-2016?), we are in the adoption process again and 100% of capes sales are helping to fund our 2nd adoption.  Our family covers the costs for all cape supplies.